A community health institute is set for ground breaking this June 8, a one-of-a-kind hospital and medical center in Davao Region to primarily respond to disaster-stricken cases. The St. Genevieve Hospital, named after the patron saint of disaster, is set up as a Level 1 Hospital that will render general medical, pediatric, surgical, and ob/gyn cases and will prioritize patients coming from disaster-hit areas.


This hospital will also serve as a center for disaster and emergency field work in disaster areas by establishing field hospitals services that will deploy medical volunteers. This new medical center is based in Tagum City which is the urban center nearest to the other provinces in the southeastern Mindanao areas that are most disaster-prone. St. Genevieve is built by the Mindanao Foundation for Medical Disaster Preparedness and Response, which has provided community health and disaster response missions in Typhoons Sendong and Pablo.


From these experiences the institute realized the need of setting up a medical center that will prioritize medical response to disaster-hit areas. The center will also serve as a resource and training center on community medical disaster preparedness and response that will coordinate with local government units especially the community health workers in terms of training, networking, preparation and coordination.

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