Vitamins for Injured Little Souls

Refugee children in UCCP – Haran form their lines every morning to received their early gifts before their classes start.  Every day, lumad children gather and take their vitamins, milk and biscuits as part of their feeding program. After the height and weight monitoring last ISM (International Solidarity Mission) event, the curves implied that almost 80% of the children are malnourished.

Due to this, the healthcare group arranged a “Vitamin and Feeding Drive” as part of their program in upholding the nutritional status of each bakwit especially the young ones conforming to the WHO and DOH emblem on fighting malnutrition in the community.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization,2011), severe acute malnutrition remains a major killer of children under 5 years of age. This prompts them to push the healthcare directly to the community to primarily detect and provide first aid treatment by feeding and supplementation. The Foundation adheres to this and instantly managed to respond on the impending need.

For the past week, the health workers eagerly monitors the children’s nutritional status and compares the curves for any progress. The only shackles that impair the program is the lack of funds to replenish the vitamins and milk. However, concerned citizens come at the nick of time bringing the desired needs but is never enough and too uncertain in order to maintain the program for a month.

Despite, the healthcare team along with the community is finding solutions be on herbal supplement making (use of Moringa Olefiera) and additional solicitation to agencies, locally and internationally.

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